Sustainable Conference

The expression “Sustainable conference” may sound a bit contradictory, as making dozens of people to travel is not a typical sustainable action. Still we believe that personal meeting and discussion is necessary and important, it should however be conductive enough, it be worth and defensible also from the point of view of sustainability. Our aim is to organise an event which speeds the matter of conservation agriculture and sustainable land use sufficiently thus worth organising it.

The expression “Sustainable conference” actually means that the event will be organised in the most sustainable way both prior to and during it. Thus includes things like:

  • minimising transportation needs for participants and products, e.g. favouring local, seasonal food;
  • reducing materials consumption and waste generation aiming Zero Waste, for example by minimising materials provided to participants and used by service providers (e.g., caterer, exhibitors), before, during and after the event;
  • avoiding the use of disposable items, use pre-used/recycled and reusable/recyclable products;
  • separating and recycle unavoidable waste where possible;
  • using products manufactured with or containing fewer harmful substances, such as chlorine-free paper.

As we are organising for the first time an event which explicitly aim to be as sustainable as possible, it surely won’t be perfect from this aspect, but we will do our best. To accomplish this, you too, as participants, have a role. It is certainly not necessary to detail here the importance and benefits of sustainability, and we are sure you’ll welcome and support our intentions.